Introducing IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ (Part 1 of 2)


Note: Through the end of the year, we’ll be posting one blog per day from our top 10 “greatest hits” from Thoughts on Cloud since we launched in September. This post is #8 and was originally published on Nov. 16.

UPDATE: Check out part 2 of this series here.

In this IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ introduction, I talk about what is IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+, the benefits it brings to customers, market differentiation, and how it fits into the overall IBM cloud strategy.

Up the ante…this is the game changer. SmartCloud Enterprise+ is extending IBM’s cloud portfolio in a big way with hosted and managed cloud infrastructure services offered with committed service level agreements. One of the customers I talked to last week termed this as Thunder Cloud after listening to the details.

The Enterprise+ offering includes a shared management environment providing managed services support to shared or dedicated guest virtual environments, with enhanced security, availability, and performance. Guest environments are offered on IBM Power and x86 platforms using PowerVM and VMware hypervisors in pay-as-you-go or fixed billing models. The following figure shows the details.

This enterprise class cloud hosting benefits customers with automated service activation quick provisioning and ITIL-compliant managed services. Customer’s mission critical production workloads can take advantage of the proven hardware platform designed to support high availability and resiliency.

Several key differentiators of SCE+ are:

  • ITIL v3 Process support
  • Self service and IBM managed environment
  • PowerVM and VMware hypervisors
  • Auto-scale up and down
  • High availability
  • Committed service level agreements with associated penalties if not met
  • Security and audit compliancy
  • Regulatory workload support
  • Value-added service delivery platform for business growth
  • Proven IBM service delivery best practices

SmartCloud Enterprise+ fits in to IBM’s overall cloud strategy extending foundational offerings into well defined cloud services, further leading into industry specific cloud solutions.

Based on IBM Cloud Reference Architecture, Enterprise and Enterprise+ provide a rich cloud service delivery platform for infrastructure, platform and business process as a service.  Same is shown in the following figure.

In Part 2 of this blog entry, I explain the various services that Enterprise+ will provide, along with how customers can migrate in to the environment, and roadmap of what IBM is planning.

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Prabhakar (Prabs) Attaluri

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Prabhakar Attaluri is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Certified IT Architect in IBM Cloud Services. He has more than 15 years experience in systems integration, solution architecture, service management and business process engineering. He is currently working on strategizing and developing IBM cloud services offerings. Follow him on Twitter @prabs_a.
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5 Responses to Introducing IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Dane Rada says:

    I would love to know more about this. I am a Storage/VMware/Cloud engineer at GANTECH, Inc. Is there a presentation or some documentation I can get a look at?

    Dane Rada

    • Prabhakar (Prabs) Attaluri Prabhakar Attaluri says:

      Please look for my part2 of the blog for more details. This offering is planned to be available in NA by early 2012

  2. Turgut Haspolat says:

    IBM SmartCloud Enterprise , presumably, focuses on from a strategic perspective to business process redesign by drawing attention to the importance of the automated service activation quick provisioning and ITIL-compliant managed services and mission critical production workloads for Enterprises.

    I think, it consists in exposing a smart vision over the future cloud computing approach by disposing of its current concerns that still can be identified as having weaknesses in one or more areas of this architecture are considered to be most at risk for security use regarding with Enterprise's demands.

    In my opinion, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is also very promising in supporting wise approach, although so far it is used only in government enterprises.

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