Why IBM as a cloud solution provider?


Some months ago I was invited to a round-table conference organized by a French IT magazine “01 Informatique.”

Facing about 70 customers, the following subjects and others were included:

  • Cloud architecture
  • Technical problems
  • Traps
  • Administration
  • Public or private cloud

During the cocktail hour, a customer asked me the following question:

Can you explain why working with IBM rather than any other provider is beneficial?

After some thought, I gave the following response:

I could tell you IBM is partnered with Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, and others, but all our competitors are also partners with these companies.

In my opinion the reasons are as follows:

  • IBM, which celebrated its centenary in 2011, has three skills: software, hardware, and service.
  • Present in 175 countries, IBM has 18 cloud computing centers worldwide and has over 40 years of experience and practice.
  • IBM also has global communities (to which I belong) regarding Windows, virtualization, and cloud in which we share our experience and knowledge.
  • IBM has the expertise and experience on all types of projects you might submit.

My interlocutor was very satisfied with this answer.

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Andre Navoizat

About Andre Navoizat

Andre is an IBM certified IT specialist and works on virtualization solutions from Citrix, VMware and IBM SBDIC/SBDC. He’s a Citrix certified administrator (CCA), enterprise administrator (CCEA) and integration architect (CCIA) for XenApp and CCA for Xen Server. He is also a certified Citrix Sales Professional for Virtualization Citrix and VMware Technical Sales Professional 4 (VTSP 4 and VSP4). Employed at IBM since 1977, he has worked on virtualization solutions for 10 years. His main activities are pre-sales, proposal, architecture and implementation of solutions.
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3 Responses to Why IBM as a cloud solution provider?

  1. @crdotson says:

    You did much better than I would have. I would have said, "because they sign my paycheck." :)

  2. IT solutions says:

    IBM doing great work in cloud …cloud computing is new feature in IT and by using it mostly organizations save their cost. It solutions provider

  3. Amazon also provide cloud computing services, But IBM has better price and IBM is much more effective in this kind of services.

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