Service management for hybrid clouds with Cast Iron


One important aspect of hybrid clouds is to have a common service management platform.  The ability to provision resources, monitor resources, synchronize LDAP directories, and govern and manage workload through a common interface is extremely valuable.  This can be especially challenging in hybrid cloud environments because resources are spread across private cloud on-premises resources, and public cloud resources such as IBM SmartCloud Enterprise.  To accommodate this requirement, IBM provides a common service management platform for hybrid cloud, leveraging the WebSphere CastIron to facilitate both public and private cloud resources to receive service management though a single interface.

The following image shows how both private and public cloud resources are provisioned through a common interface.

The next picture shows how both private and public resources are monitored through a common interface.

Find more information about this hybrid cloud service management solution here.

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David Kwock

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David is a Service Management Solution Architect in the US. He has 11 years of experience in the IT Service Management field, 4 of which have been with IBM. His areas of expertise include service management, service-oriented architecture, cloud computing and dynamic infrastructure. He has written extensively about IT Service Management and service-oriented architecture including an IBM Redpaper™ publication about Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS deployment in a retail environment and Tivoli integration scenarios.
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