IBM SmartCloud Entry as the beginning of a private cloud journey


IBM SmartCloud Entry provides customers with a self-service portal for the cloud user that complements IBM Systems Director VMControl and various other cloud implementations. The IBM SmartCloud Entry enables customers to work with virtual appliances and workloads, focusing on the user’s perspective, rather than the IT or systems administrator’s perspective. The self-service capabilities simplify the process of executing many common public or private cloud operations, such as:

  • Provisioning and deprovisioning servers (process known as deploying)
  • Drafting and cloning deployments
  • Taking deployment snapshots
  • Starting up and shutting down servers
  • Resizing existing servers

smartcloud entry welcome pageThese capabilities provide a good foundation for most enterprise private cloud solutions.  Although IBM SmartCloud Entry does not provide features such as pattern-based deployment and orchestration, it does provide many features that give organizations a good start on the journey of private cloud.

For more information about IBM SmartCloud Entry, see the following sites:

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