Are Cloud Foundry and OpenStack compatible?

I couldn’t be more excited by the buzz that continues today following the news that IBM is putting its full support behind Cloud Foundry, working with Pivotal on an open governance model. It’s gratifying to see the level of interest and support out there for progress towards an open cloud future.

As I’m speaking with reporters, analysts and industry leaders on the topic, one of the questions I’m being asked is how the Cloud Foundry news impacts OpenStack, and how it fits into our larger open cloud strategy.

Let me help clarify.

Cloud Foundry and OpenStack are complementary, not competitive. Cloud Foundry is an open standards based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for deploying, managing and scaling applications, while OpenStack is focused on virtual machines and the underlying Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Because Cloud Foundry is infrastructure agnostic, these organizations can seamlessly coexist and even better, work together to further the open cloud model.

In fact, at IBM, we leverage both Cloud Foundry and OpenStack in tandem together. By running Cloud Foundry on OpenStack, we can deliver an optimized and efficient environment, increasing value and functionality for our clients. Going forward, IBM is committed to optimizing Cloud Foundry on OpenStack.

Both OpenStack and Cloud Foundry are uniquely moving the industry one step closer to a more interoperable cloud future. For our clients, this means driving greater innovation from a better, more open cloud experience. OpenStack and Cloud Foundry are driving the open cloud, together.

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Christopher Ferris

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Chris currently works as an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Cloud Interoperability in IBM Software Group's Standards Strategy organization. He has been involved in the architecture, design, and engineering of distributed systems for most of his 33+ year career and has been actively engaged in open standards and open source development since 1999. He currently provides technical leadership for IBM's engagements in OpenStack and Cloud Foundry, as well as for IBM's participation in open standards activities relevant to Cloud.
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3 Responses to Are Cloud Foundry and OpenStack compatible?

  1. Vmware has delivered on the Any application Any device any customer strategy and is making the platform transparent. Its a great achievement for vmware to get an endorsement from IBM.

  2. guest says:

    And what about Cloud Foundry and SCE ?

    • In February of this year, IBM announced that all of our cloud offerings would be based on OpenStack, going forward, including our public cloud offerings such as SCE.

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