Cloud Foundry community ‘strong and getting even stronger’

This summer has certainly been exciting ever since we announced our collaboration with Pivotal on Cloud Foundry back in July.

In the six or so weeks since, we’ve been very busy with preparations for this weekend’s Platform Conference. We had 13 additional sponsors signing on, including Cisco, Tier3, Savvis, Piston Cloud, ActiveState, and Anynines, and the registrations far exceeded our original expectations, to the point where we had to reconfigure the venue to accommodate the huge turnout! I am certainly looking forward to all of the presentations, and engaging with everyone who will be attending.

I’m also really pleased with the steadily growing interest in Cloud Foundry over the past month, or so. That increased interest has not only sparked an increase in people taking a closer look at Cloud Foundry, but it has also driven an increase in pull requests to the Cloud Foundry open source project, including a few from IBM.

To accommodate the increased levels of community activity and interest, Pivotal has generously dedicated a pair of engineers to focus exclusively on pull requests and issues, and have taken steps to improve the transparency of the technical direction of the various Cloud Foundry projects. These changes have been generally very well received, but there is always room for improvement.

Of course, we will continue to ramp up our own contributions to this vibrant community. However, we recognize that as we have done with other open source communities such as OpenStack, Eclipse and Apache, that we will have to “earn our stripes” and demonstrate our commitment to the projects with code, not just words. Thus, our initial focus has been to work on issues and stories in the published backlog with a focus on helping to improve integration test coverage, and addressing issues that relate to stability and robustness, etc.

Finally, as we made clear when we announced our collaboration, we are committed to helping the community evolve towards a more open form of governance. We have been steadily engaged with Pivotal, working out the specifics of how the Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board will operate, and who should participate. We’ll have more to say about this at the conference.

So, my call to action: get engaged! The Cloud Foundry community is strong and getting even stronger, through broad participation from a variety of members, representing both small and large companies, and both vendors and companies using the technology. We invite you to join and help us grow Cloud Foundry into the standard for application-centric PaaS.

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