How cloud computing can change your business


People often ask how cloud can change their business. It’s a fair question. We know how important the traditional tools, products and platforms are for a business, but we also know that you need to be prepared to take advantage of any kind of solution that can change the way you do business.

For example, cloud can save you time. When you start using a cloud-based solution, what are you going to do with all your extra free time if you no longer have to worry about stability, infrastructure and a high volume of demand? That’s when your business starts to change. Your current IT team can be moved to a position with more aggregate value. For instance, instead of installing environments and keeping them up and running, the IT team can move into sales, post-sales or demos and thus add more value to help you and your customers succeed.

Many benefits of cloud

Check out this IBM cloud computing video, which helps to illustrate the tremendous power and opportunity of the cloud:

IBM offers solutions that include enterprise-class cloud computing technologies and services for secure public, private and hybrid clouds. We have deep expertise, open standards and the proven infrastructure to enable you to confidently achieve new levels of innovation and efficiency. By using solutions based on the foundation of open standards and interoperable technologies, IBM has built cloud solutions for every stage of cloud deployment, enabling speed and agility that are integrated into the client’s own infrastructure.

For any size of business

You may think that cloud computing is something designed only for big customers with big business and demand, but that’s not true. Midsize businesses need to do more with less. And that is where IBM cloud solutions come into play. They are always available and require almost no setup or capital expenditure. Cloud is also elastic, so you can adjust your environment according to your business demand. Basically it’s like paying as you go. The main goal of cloud for midsize businesses is to allow them to gain efficiency in order to compete with larger companies.

Strategy for your specific needs

Despite all the offers we have from competitors in the marketplace, cloud is not business as usual. It’s a very strategic resource, so before you go to cloud you need to understand if your service provider can offer what you need to run your business on cloud and to deploy new services where your company will benefit the most. You need to ensure that the proposed solution will offer the following:

  • Solutions delivered as services—enterprise-class, dynamic, elastic
  • Reliablity, security and resilience built using open standards
  • Management tools—self-service and open control for client
  • An elastic environment optimized for any kind of delivery model

Planning a cloud strategy 

Becoming a consumer of cloud will require some planning around the definition of a value-driven strategy. The transition to a private cloud (or any other model of cloud) can be quick and easy but still requires a solid plan to accelerate the delivery. In most cases you will move your infrastructure to a cloud-enabled global storage and a virtualized infrastructure, and that’s a lot to figure out.

Positive change

In the end, the benefits of cloud are great and will enable a transformation of your business. You will be able to focus your time and attention on running your business. You won’t have to worry about buying new machines or operating systems, installing them, keeping them up and running and so on. You will only need to think about your business and how to move forward with your strategy. Cloud offers you the benefits of reducing costs and complexities; balancing your workloads; and improving the quality, security and resilience of your environment. And that’s how cloud can change your business.

We know that our audience is diverse. So, for your business, how do you think cloud can help you? Leave a comment here and let’s continue this conversation on Twitter @jcrmadeira.

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  2. ANNA says:

    its great share on business i like it thanks for share

  3. Sonia Rehman says:

    Small business owners who want to reduce costs without sacrificing their ability to do business and compete with larger companies are using the Cloud.

  4. rayelle18 says:

    Most businesses are using cloud. You can use your save time in other beneficial works.

  5. James Stallings says:

    Cloud computing can be very beneficial to your business. Likewise, when it comes to phone systems, a cloud based phone system allows an employee to work from home with the same utilities that an office phone has. Amazing, isn't it?

  6. richardmilan says:

    Cloud based services has made a huge difference in the way I run things in my business. It simply makes documents accessible no matter where I am. It's a great step forward and a money saver.

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