Five reasons to move your email platform to the cloud

A few weeks ago, I was introducing IBM SaaS cloud strategy to a customer.  The IT manager asked me a good question: “Why should we move our email and calendar platform to the cloud?”

Most chief officers (CFOs, CMOs, CEOs and CIOs) are concerned with the costs related to operating and maintaining IT platforms, especially the ones responsible for regular workloads like email and calendars. Cloud email can offer between 100 to 200 times more capacity (25 GB or more) than on-premises mailboxes, which get around 100 to 200 MB. This also includes antispam and antivirus protection that would save some of the budget that is being spent on security platforms.

So if you stop and think about it, should you really maintain your email on-premises? Here are five main reasons why moving your email to cloud is the best choice:

  1. Savings: There are no costs involved with hosting platforms, backups, upgrades, operation and maintenance.
  2. Simple and scalable: Cloud email can change to suit your needs.
  3. Monthly payments: Predictable expenses are available through monthly and annual subscriptions.
  4. Always updated: Cloud email will be updated and running with the latest releases.
  5. Secure: Security is provided through automated backups and a service level agreement (SLA).

We can still deploy a unique hybrid approach for integrating on-premises and cloud services seamlessly. Organizations can continue to serve some users with on-premises systems—while serving other users in the cloud—in a way that is completely transparent to people inside and outside your company.

Also, I commonly say that software as a service (SaaS) offerings are as easy as ordering a telephone line or a cable TV service.

If you think this applies to your environment, feel free to start a trial at no charge for 60 days! You can also connect with me on Twitter @bjavarez and LinkedIn, or just leave your comments below.

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Bruno Javarez

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Bruno Javarez is the SmartCloud for Social Business (SaaS) sales leader at IBM Brazil. He previously worked as Collaboration Solution sales leader for Latin America responsible for IBM Notes/Domino messaging/applications, IBM Connections (Enterprise Social Networks), IBM Sametime/Sametime Unified Telephony (Unified Communications/Collaboration) and Websphere Portal/Web Content Manager portfolios. He is a social business evangelist and has extensive experience with the telecommunications Industry. Reach him on Twitter: @bjavarez and on Linkedin:
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  3. @1790LEF says:

    'Always updated?' How can you sure that the complex information system built to get a PaaS/IaaS including Storage and Backup-Restore, could be easily refresh ?

    • Bruno says:

      Hi….here always updated means SaaS always running in the last software clients release for accessing mail, web conferencing, anti spam/anti virus.

  4. Hi Bruno, great post!

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