IBM gets serious about social media with SaaS-based analytics

Nowadays, we have several ways to get information. The most common traditional methods include books, surveys, television, radio, newspapers and magazines, but more recently we also have social media and other Internet sources (webcasts, podcasts, blogs, social networks and so on).

Despite all the buzz social media is creating, some people still think that newspapers and magazines are more reliable sources of information than blogs and social media, especially given that the traditional media is still working the same way it has in past decades. These established information vehicles can be so attached to their old business models that people think “Why should we change?” or “Is social media really a reliable source of information?”

We all agree that social media is a new form of information delivery and for the youngsters is their main (and sometimes only) source of information, but how can we go further than that? Does social media replace or complement the old media?

For example, some tech blogs were born and live only on the Internet (i.e. Gizmodo, TechCrunch and Engadget) but there are also traditional magazines that are doing amazing work balancing print and web (such as Wired). Those vehicles provide a great, fast way to start getting in touch with a specific subject. And on the Internet, you have an advantage: if you want to dive deeply into something, you can continue reading other online sources and can share or even start a discussion in an online forum.

We are still hearing some discussions about how serious social media can be. But when a $200 billion company like IBM starts using it, it should be worth taking seriously. IBM is taking a huge step into social media, not only because it’s something useful for our business, but because it is turning into a primary source of information for most of our customers. If we talk about corporate social initiatives, IBM is out there on social through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.

IBM is also providing products and solutions specific to social media. One recent example is IBM Social Media Analytics Software as a Service, which helps organizations understand and act upon the social media impact of their products and services.  There are also SaaS-based marketing tools to manage social business. The market and the user are often in doubt when they need to decide between a fast solution and a long-lasting solution. What is more important: a solid news company that sometimes tends to be more conservative or an independent but agile blog? Well, IBM can offer you both, with specialists sharing their knowledge with customers using the power of social media.

Some customers are changing the way they search for information. Instead of reading volumes of manuals, they look for something they can get as fast as the click of a mouse. For example, initiatives like Social Business Insights, Thoughts on Cloud, Smarter Computing, Expert Integrated Systems and Mobile Business Insights bring the technical experts and executive teams to your fingertips. These initiatives make it easy to get good information from a sea of data.

For more information, you can follow some of our Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as check out the blogs linked above. Are you using social media to enhance your business? Let me know how! Leave a comment or connect with me on Twitter:

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Julio Madeira works in ISM Team as SmartCloud Control Desk Fixpack Verification and Automation Manager in Brazil's Software Lab. Julio is responsible for the Maintenance Delivery Vehicle for ISM Products. He is co-author for couple technical Redbooks and a great enthusiast of Social Media. You can reach him on Twitter: @jcrmadeira and on Linkedin:
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  4. @tinagroves says:

    Check out the unique visualizations and actionable insights in IBM Social Media Analytics in this demo:

    A quick summary about what makes IBM Social Media Analytics highly useful:
    * Identifies what keywords contribute to both positive and negative sentiment
    * Highlights emerging topics to leverage trends in conversations
    * Identifies influencers by social media channel (blog, Twitter, etc)
    * Analyzes demographic information of social media authors as input to segmentation

    and of course, there is more. Available as on-premise and SaaS offerings.

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