Garantia Data’s Redis Cloud now available on SoftLayer

The Garantia Data team is excited to announce the launch of our Redis Cloud service built on SoftLayer’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. Developers using SoftLayer can now build and create applications with infinite scalability, high availability, and top performance—all without worrying about the complexity of infrastructure management. Completely served from RAM, Redis is the fastest data store available today, and one of the top databases chosen by developers that are creating amazing applications on the cloud, including everything from real time analytics, gaming leaderboards and social app functionality (i.e. timelines, followers, and following), to job management, geo-search, and many others.

“Do it yourself” open source Redis setups that are installed on virtual servers or bare metal resources work great when they’re small or if you have expert resources who can attend to and manage your Redis datasets, but developers who take this approach often encounter daunting challenges with negotiating scaling barriers, ensuring the availability of Redis processes, effectively persisting the volatile data that’s stored in RAM, and really understanding how to deploy Redis and Softlayer’s resources to achieve optimal results for each specific use case. To mitigate these issues, Redis Cloud ensures high-availability with in-memory replication and instant failover, provides data-durability using SoftLayer’s SAN for data-persistence, and optimizes performance by utilizing bare-metal instances.

What exactly are the perks of Redis Cloud? More than 15,000 developers on the cloud use our service to enhance their cloud deployments with:

Infinite Scalability. Redis Cloud’s dynamic clustering allows you to easily scale your datasets to a near infinite size in mere seconds.
High availability. Redis Cloud guarantees high availability with in-memory replication, data-persistence utilizing SoftLayer’s SAN, and instant auto failover mechanisms, so your Redis server and data will always be available… guaranteed.
Stable top performance. Running off the strongest dedicated, bare metal SoftLayer resources available, Redis Cloud uses multiple cores to manage your data and we guarantee your application’s performance – period.
Zero Management. No need to waste time dealing with nodes, clusters, or any type of administration. Redis Cloud’s fully managed service on SoftLayer performs automated clustering, scaling, data persistence, performance optimization, and failure recovery from a single console, so you get “hands free” Redis management.

And the smart folks at IBM agree. Mac Devine, the CTO of the IBM Cloud Services Division and director of cloud innovation, says:

“Developers demand high performance computing power and speed from the cloud. With the addition of Redis Cloud, the leading managed Redis solution on SoftLayer’s cloud platform, developers will benefit from unmatched infrastructure and Garantia Data’s enterprise-class Redis so they can build scalable, highly available, and top performing apps.”

Here’s how to get started:

1. If you haven’t already, sign up for our service (no credit card needed, no spam sent – ever) or login to your account.

2. Add one of our monthly plans, starting at a 25MB (free) hosted Redis database, up to our pay-as-you-go plan that’s suitable for any dataset over 5GB

3. Create your Redis Cloud instance and just point your application to the new endpoint to start rocking with it immediately!

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Itamar Haber

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Itamar Haber, Vice President of Developer Advocacy at Garantia Data, a startup veteran, database maven, and an advocate for Redis Cloud users. His varied experience includes software product development and management and leadership roles at Xeround, Etagon, Amicada and M.N.S Ltd.
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