IBM kicks off Global Entrepreneur Week Feb. 3


Starting Monday, IBM is launching its first ever IBM Global Entrepreneur Week simultaneously in 45 countries around the world.

The IBM Global Entrepreneur Blog says: “This free jam-packed, five-day event will feature virtual and face-to-face opportunities for you to network and learn from entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academic leaders, IBM executives and IBM Business Partners.”

The agenda for each of the worldwide events has been customized for each particular country, but the commonly discussed key technology areas are cloud, analytics, mobile and social.

For example, in Canada, the agenda includes an item for Catalyst, the SoftLayer startup incubator. Through this program, a startup company may be able to receive mentorship support and SoftLayer cloud resources for an extended period of time, at no charge.

I will also have the chance to present at the Canadian events about “Analytics for Everyone.” In my presentation, I will talk about IBM BLU Acceleration for Cloud, an offering we are putting together on the cloud that can allow anyone to gain access to some of the most powerful business intelligence and predictive analytics software for a few cents per hour.

If you are in Canada, here are the direct registration links to the events at Toronto, Waterloo and Montreal. The agenda can be found below.

If you have any questions or comments, you can share below or find me on Twitter @raulchong. Hope to see you there!

IBM Global Entrepreneur Launch

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Raul F. Chong is a senior DB2, Big Data and Cloud Program Manager at the IBM Information Management Cloud Computing Center of Competence, based at the IBM Canada Laboratory in Toronto. He works as a technical evangelist delivering presentations at educational institutions and conferences around the world showing the latest features of DB2, BigInsights, Data Studio, and related products, and how they work on the Cloud.
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