What’s new in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business?


One of the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business mail solutions available today is called IBM SmartCloud Notes and can be accessed by different applications such as IBM Notes Client, a web browser and more. For more information about the different features of the various Notes applications, click here.

In IBM Notes Client 9.0, you can search all mail and archived databases. This has been very convenient for me. In image 1, you can see how All Mail and Archives is checked. Image 2 shows how you can see an Archive view if the option is checked.

SmartCloud for social business

Are you familiar with the on-disk structure (ODS) version of your mail database or Notes Storage Facility (.nsf) file, or why a replica does not have same ODS? The ODS can help improve the performance of your Notes client. You may never have heard about ODS in an IBM Notes environment. Consider checking here for information on how to handle ODS database versions in mixed Notes environments or here about updating to on-disk structure for Notes version 9.

In simple words, on-disk structure is basically the changes in the architecture of a database or application during new versions of IBM Notes products. The newest versions contain a higher value. One way to check the ODS is to open the database that you want to check then from the Notes client and select File, then Applications, then Properties and click on the second tab called Information. At the end you will see ODS Version.

It is important to have the latest ODS for your version of the Notes Client or IBM Domino server, depending of the requirements of the company. Having the latest ODS version improves performance and makes life easier. ODS should not be confused with the design of the database that is inherited from a mail template (.ntf). Updating your IBM Notes client from version 8 to version 9 does not mean that the ODS will change, since they are two different things and performed by different processes.

Do you think some of the new features in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business can help your company?

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