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The Cloud Foundry Summit is coming up June 9-11, and you’re probably already planning to be there, right?  If not, here are five reasons why you need to mark your calendar, book travel and come see what all the fuss is about.

5. Cloud is here—but are your developers? 

Here are a few key stats for why you should care about cloud and platform as a service (PaaS) in general:

- 85 percent of new software is being built for cloud

- 72 percent of developers report already using cloud-based services or APIs as part of the applications that they are building

- By 2016, 25 percent of all the world’s applications will be available in the cloud


Those are some really big shifts and relevant to nearly any organization.  Whether your team started day 1 with cloud-based applications and services and is looking to sharpen their skills or if you’re brand new to the game and looking at building new applications or getting more value out of existing infrastructure and data, Cloud Foundry Summit has a lot to offer for developers of all stripes.

4. When you don’t own your IT Infrastructure, applications must be portable 

It goes without saying, but in the era of cloud, you no longer own or control your infrastructure. This is a huge element of the value proposition, but it also carries certain risks, one of which is vendor lock-in.

Whether you are evaluating infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or PaaS offerings, looking for capabilities and services built on top of popular open source projects is critical to retaining portability and tapping into the contributions and expertise of a broad, open community and governance model. The Cloud Foundry Summit provides a great opportunity to learn about the growing number of vendor offerings around Cloud Foundry, and how we’re increasing choice and flexibility for developers. 

3. Cloud Foundry is the open source PaaS project 

With a growing conference, community and list of customers, the Cloud Foundry initiative is rapidly gaining traction and increasing adoption and maturity. The Cloud Foundry Foundation now includes Platinum sponsors EMC, HP, IBM, Pivotal, Rackspace, SAP and VMware and Gold sponsors Accenture, ActiveState, BNY Mellon, Capgemini, CenturyLink, GE, Ericsson, Intel, NTT and Verizon. The number of developers actively contributing to the project has doubled over the past year, and is now well over 1,000.

Just last week the Cloud Foundry session at #openstack was packed with developers and IT leaders looking to learn more.

2. Cloud Foundry Summit brings together the experts, the vendors and the community 

Cloud Foundry Summit offers the opportunity to bring together all of the companies, the experts within them, and the community of developers interested in contributing to the Cloud Foundry project as well as those interested in building on top of the platform.

It’s a tremendous opportunity to see what everyone is working on and how you can leverage PaaS development to more quickly and effectively build, deploy and manage cloud-based applications.

1. Check Out IBM’s Cloud Platform, Codename: BlueMix 

You may have heard the news, but in February IBM introduced our cloud platform, Codename: BlueMix. BlueMix is built on top Cloud Foundry and already features a set of services from across IBM’s entire software portfolio including data management, analytics, security, devops, mobile and more.

BlueMix is in Beta right now, so we encourage you to register for the platform and join us at the Cloud Foundry Summit next month to meet with our team, check out some demos and learn more about our plans for the platform.

BlueMix is key to IBM’s cloud strategy, and there’s a reason we’ve built our strategic PaaS offering on top of Cloud Foundry.  We hope you’ll take some time out of your busy schedules next month and see why we’re excited about this initiative.

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