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Maamar is part of the Worldwide Technical and Service Delivery team covering the Cloud solutions portfolio, currently covering the Asia Pacific region. Maamar has been with IBM for the last 15 years across different teams and project in the Asia Pacific region. His area of expertise covers best practices such as ITIL, Cobit and ISO20000 standard as well as well as a range of Cloud offerings. He has co-authored three IBM Redbooks. Maamar is currently living in Singapore and Hong Kong. You can follow him on Twitter at @MaAsiaPacific.
Cloud computing and agriculture

We have been witnessing a steady trend in the loss of agricultural land and biodiversity worldwide. Adding to this, adverse weather conditions induced by climate change and an increase in the world population struggling for scarce resources are projecting a grim picture of the future. We may be able to alter or even reverse this trend using technologies already in place. Cloud computing may prove to be a formidable asset. There are practical applications for…

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